Our design philosophy puts the fit at the centre. We see glasses as empowering accessories aimed not only to improve the wearer’s optical needs, but also to enhance its face.

We look for a balance in the design between aesthetics, weight and materials choice. Adjusting the fit is the part in the production process that we dedicate most of our time. Through a meticulous study our goal is to find the perfect fit details that guarantee comfort and adaptability to all different lenses requirements.


Visual balance to complement and enhance the face’s unique shape.
Comfort in the bridge area to avoid digging in or leaving marks.
Ideal fit in the middle of the face to ensure the best vision.
Secure fit around the ears to follow every face movement.

Model Coupe Rhombe
col. Argent

Model Birds Civetta

Model Fish Nemo
col. Blue

Model Coupe Polygone
col. Or

Model Coupe Net

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