Aesthetic and
chromatic balance

All our models look for the ideal combination of shape and colour, to achieve the sought-after balance that is never excessive or insufficient, completed and substantiated once the eyewear is worn.

A timeless style

A style with an essential line that does not respond to seasonality, but that retains the value of the design. It always surprises through the unexpected interaction between light and volume.


All models are firstly sketched and drawn by hand, so as the paper patterns and the key details of the new designs. At least 3 steps of prototyping are undertaken before the final shape and size is decided. In each of these steps our designers work hand in hand with the production team in order to adjust and improve also the smallest details.

Our acetate frames undertake circa 20 processing steps for the completion. The acetate colours are custom-made to our specifications and each piece is hand-polished.

Made in Italy

Our original eyewear is entirely Made in Italy, manufactured in the Belluno Area, the Italian eyewear district, recognised world-wide as the centre of excellence for eyewear production. We partner with the Italian leaders in frame production and their highly specialized staff and craftsmen with the greatest heritage that they apply on cutting-edge technology. All our custom-made acetate sheets are produced by Mazzucchelli 1849, worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Cellulose Acetate.

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