The Coupe collection, inspired by the Concetto Spaziale series by the master of “cuts” Fontana and by the broken lines of polygonal art, works on breaking two-dimensionality to capture light and enhance volumes, revealing unexpected shades of colour and reflections that give shine to the whole face.

Coupe Metal

An unforgettable dramatic look

Elegance and innovative design are represented in this line that works with sharp metal shapes. The deliberate combination of angles, round and polygonal structures direct and divert light and shadow. The finishing in silver plating, gold or in ruthenium creates an unforgettable dramatic look.

Coupe Light

Gentle silhouettes for a lightweight comfort.

The COUPE LIGHT line continues the study of the reflection and uptake of light though the frames: lighter transparent acetates that allow light to pass through the structure revealing nuances and colours that are unexpected at first glance.

Coupe Bold

Bold frames for those who like to dare.

The Coupe Bold line truly embodies the study and the reinterpretation of the volumes. The thick acetate enhances the collection signature’s cuts and the play between light and shadow.

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